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Lead Veterinarian/RAR Medical Director

Dr. Aurelian Stefan

Dr. Aurelian Stefan DVM, is the RAR Medical Director. He takes part regularly in spay/neuter campaigns (called "spayathons") leading a team of expert veterinarians and vet technicians who travel around Romania to operate on up to 50 animals per day. He is a pioneer for the humane control and of stray dog overpopulation in Romania. He met Nancy Janes in 2008 and organized the first RAR spayathon in 2009.

Lead Veterinarian

Dr. Petrisor Stefan

Dr. Petrisor Stefan DVM, graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2006. Dr. Petrisor has worked along side his brother, Dr. Aurelian Stefan to develop one of the first veterinary clinics in Craiova which became the first RAR/ASNI headquarters. He is also one of the tutors on the The Veterinary Training Camp program and member of the RAR Board of Directors.


Dr. Roxana-Elena Stan

Dr. Roxana Stan DVM, first started working with RAR as a campaign volunteer in 2010 while still a student and continued as a campaign nurse from 2011 until she completed her post graduation internship in 2012. She is one of our most active spayathon vets and travels around Romania for most of the year, to deliver mobile spay/neuter campaigns. She also operates internationally as part of ASNI.


Dr. Ruth Osborne

Originally from the UK, Ruth Osborne BS(hons), DVM, first became involved with RAR in June 2011 and within six months she had moved to Romania so she could be more involved with the work of RAR. She gained her veterinary nurse qualification in 2005 and her DVM (veterinary doctorate) in June 2020 from the University of Bucharest. She is also one of the Veterinary Training Camp team.


Dr. Alexandra Nasta

Dr. Nasta is based at the Center of Hope Bucharest where she treats many of our patients as well as participating in ongoing spay and neuter projects. She also is one of the instructors for spay and neuter training for vets across the globe. "I think it is so important RAR supports vets who want to do something to improve overpopulation and welfare of the animals. Training vets who want to do something to improve their skills helps infinitely more animals and is a sustainable welfare solution.


Dr. Andrei Popescu

Dr. Andrei joined our internship program after graduating from the University of Bucharest in 2019 and is active in our ongoing spay and neuter project at the Center of Hope Bucharest as well as caring for the animals in the Homeless Animals Hospital project. " I am grateful for the opportunities RAR gave me when I first began working as a vet. I think its really important to pass this on to the new vets starting so we can keep raising the standards of veterinary care in our country"


Dr. Daniel Barbu

Dr. Daniel graduated in 2018 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. He has developed his skills at the Center of Hope in Bucharest and now regularly operates in spay campaigns around the country as well as in the clinic where he also treats patients in the Homeless Animals Hospital project. "Spay and neuter is one of the most important things we do, without spay and neuter we could not cope with the number of cases of parvo virus, panleukopaenia because of so many uncared for puppies and kittens"


Dr. Alexandra Mihutescu

Dr. Alex joined our internship program in 2020 to improve her knowledge and skills following graduation. She is involved in the day to day cases at the Center of Hope in Bucharest and also participates in spay campaigns both at the clinic and around Romania. "People used to walk by injured animals on the street because they had no way to look after them or cover the cost of treatment. Now the injured strays get treated because people can bring them to us knowing they will be helped. I am so happy we can reduce the number of animals who suffer and die alone on the side of the road because people can bring them to us"

Veterinarian Assistant

Ovidiu Stefan Turlea

Ovidiu has been actively involved in animal welfare for many years. He joined us as an assistant in 2019 and is responsible for catching scared or aggressive dogs who require urgent treatment in the area around Bucharest as well as cre of the patients in the clinic. "Being able to provide the right care no matter if they are stray or from a poor family is the key to improving welfare in Romania"

Veterinarian Assistant

Oana Lixandru

Oana joined us at Center of Hope in 2018. She is one of the assistants at the Center of Hope and provides individual care and attention for each and every patient she is responsible for. She also is an active fundraiser to raise money for the dogs and cats we treat as part of the Homeless Animals Hospital project. "We see some horrific cases, animals completely broken, its emotionally hard but we also see some really happy endings where they get a new home, a new family and a new life. It is so important that these animals who have no one to care for them have us to give them the same chance of health and happiness as peoples pets"

Veterinary Assistant

Bianca Mihai

Veterinary Assistant

Adrian Paraschiv

Veterinary Assistant

Bianca Pasca

Veterinary Assistant

Roxana Carageo

Spay/Neuter Support

Aura Niculae


Emanuela Vlad

Ema is the first point of contact for all cases coming to the Center of Hope Bucharest. She also manages some of the fundraising campaigns on social media as well as the spay and neuter project within the Center of Hope. "Knowing when people come to the clinic I can tell them yes we can help you makes all the difference. Seeing peoples fears turn into hope is one of the most rewarding parts of working with Romania Animal Rescue."


Ella Neasca

Ella is a receptionist at the Center of Hope Bucharest. She organizes the day to day running of the ongoing spay project and coordinates with the team to keep things running smoothly. She helps to make sure those who need the most help get what they need. "I have heard of help with veterinary care costs in other countries but never thought it could happen in my country. I am so proud to be part of Romania Animal Rescue and the first project of its kind in Romania."

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