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STAR before.jpg
STAR before 1.jpg
Star 1.jpg

Star arrived at the Craiova spayathon covered in tar.  It took volunteer Bonnie hours to loosen the tar from her damaged skin.   

The incredible Bonnie adopted Star and she now lives in VA with Vulpe.


Sam was living on a chain in Bulgaria and was brought to our spayathon.  Her owner said she was a bad and vicious dog.  Volunteer extraordinaire Suzy fell in love with Sam and was determined to get her to NJ.  

And Sam now lives with Suzy and Milt happily ever after 

SAM Before.jpg
SAM After.jpg
Willow 2.jpg
Willow 1.jpg

Willow lived on a chain all her life.  A rescuer noticed she had a huge mammary tumor and brought her to the Center of Hope.  There it was discovered she had heartworms and a bladder tumor.  This girl was in big trouble and could not return to that life.   

She was adopted by our wonderful Nancy & Rory and lived happily ever after in Northern California. 


Eli was living in complete misery in a private shelter.  Although he looked like an old dog he was in fact only months old  

This lovable big boy is now living his best life in Maine with the amazing Jane. 

Eli before 1.jpg
Eli after.jpg
AYLA before 1.jpg
AYLA after 2.jpg
AYLA after 1.jpg

Brought in to our Tecuci spayathon by the dog catchers.  She was a deaf puppy living on the streets 

The incredible Debra Ries from VT was volunteering and adopted her 


Vulpe was brought to the Craiova spayathon in 2011.  She was brought in by dog catchers from the public shelter. Volunteer and dearest friend Bonnie fell in love with her and adopted her on the spot.  

Vulpe before.jpg
Vulpe before 2.jpg
KITTY Before.jpg
KITTY After.jpg

Kitty was scalded by hot oil and brought to the Center of Hope.

She is now named Mimme and was adopted in the UK.


Well what did this poor little stray have going for him ?  Not a darned thing. Brought into the Center of Hope extremely anemic and ill from flea and tick infestation.  One ear had been cut in half and his tail had been cut.  His nose was burned with a hot bar in the belief this would save him from distemper.

The Angel from Maine opened her doors and heart to Chappy.  He now knows only love and security 

Chappy before 2.jpg
Chappy before.jpg
Chappy after.jpg
BILLIE before.jpg
BILLIE after.jpg

Billy was hit by a car outside of Bucharest.  A Good Samaritan tried to rescue him but he himself was hit by a car and died.  Billy had a broken back.  

After surgery and months of rehabilitation at the coh, Billy is now healed and living a marvelous life in Germany 


Mazzie was found by students and brought in for help.  She was found a lovely home in the UK  

Mzzie 1.jpg
Mazzie 2.jpg
STELA before 3.jpg
STELA before 2.jpg
STELLA After.jpg

Stella arrived as an emergency from a private shelter.  She had gotten stuck on a fence and was partially degloved.  Still a puppy herself it was discovered she was pregnant and the puppies had died.  

After many transfusions and months of care she found the home of her dreams with Joke in Holland 


This little fella was brought into the hospital in terrible condition.  Full of blood thirsty parasites and extremely anemic.  The Dream Team saved his life and he now lives in Germany 

ALFIE before.jpg
ALFIE after.jpg

He was found by Marius in Bucharest wandering the streets with a broken back.

Annie from WI fell in love with him and adopted him into her loving home.  Alfie inspired Annie to assist with adoptions of many other handicapped dogs as well as adopting more herself, including little Daisy.


Daisy was found by Cristina by the side of the road.  She was hit by a car and hiding near a sewage pipe. Cristina brought her to the Center of Hope.

Daisy now lives WI with our dearest friend Annie 

DAISY Before 1.jpg
DAISY Before 2.jpg
DAISY After 1.jpg
Anna Marie's @ UC Davis.jpg

Anna Marie was only a puppy when Nancy Janes found her in Romania in 2006.   The circumstances of her broken back are not known, but she was probably hit by a car or bus on the streets of Galati, Romania.

She is most likely the first handicapped "wheely" dog to be adopted from Romania.   She's gone through 4 wheel carts and loves to hike, loves the city and loves the country.   Anna Marie lives happily ever after in the Janes household.  


Rosalinda was run over by a car near Craiova.  She spent 2 months under Homeless Animals Hospital program at Family Vet receiving treatment and plastic surgery.  She now lives with our friends Dana and Janina. 

Rosalinda Before.jpg
Rosalinda After.jpg
Stella before.jpg
Stella before1.jpg
Stella after.jpg

Stella  was brought to the Center of Hope in terrible condition.
She was eating, drinking and living on a 1 meter chain under a carriage.  She gave birth to more than 10 litters of puppies that never had a home.  She had a bad eye injury that was very painful every time she blinked.  COH brought Stalla back to health and now she is in Holland with our dearest friend Chabeli Kotte - van de Bunt.


3 or 4 month old boy was abandoned near a train station and hit by a train.  His leg was crushed.  He was brought in to the Center of Hope.  He did not make a sound, even though he must have been in excruciating pain.  He was adopted by a family in Finland and is now thriving in his forever home.

Gary Spera Before.jpg
Gray Spera After.jpg
ursa before.jpg
Ursa after.jpg

Ursa lived in Sighetu Marmatiei Romania.  RAR was notified of her deformed legs and she was taken to Bucharest.  After an assessment by our vet team it was decided nothing could be done for her legs.  

Nancy saw her photos and she knew that Ursa needed a place to romp freely so she adopted her to California and now Ursa is getting a wonderful life she deserves. 


Megan was a puppy living on the streets in Bucharest's Chinatown.  She was sleeping under a car that ran over her right hind leg.  

She was brought to the Center of Hope hospital.  Her leg could not be saved, however, she is now a perfectly happy tripaw.

Her story and photo touched the hearts of Rory in California. She now lives happily ever after with Rory, Nancy and their furry family. 

Megan Before.jpg
Megan After.jpg
Megan after 2.jpg
Mira Before.jpg
Mira After.jpg

Welcome to America Mira.  RAR was contacted by a soldier formerly stationed in Romania.  While in service he fell in love with a little stray puppy.  Through lots of miracles, Mira was found and brought to the Center of Hope where she was prepped for her big trip and new life in Spokane WA. 


Mayrose was tied to a tree when she was found and had two puppies with her.  She was blind in one eye and they were all starving. 

She is now living her best life in Holland thanks to placement by "Stichting Le Wolf".  One of her puppies was also adopted to Holland.  The other puppie passed away due to parvovirus.

MayRose Before.jpg
MayRose after.jpg
Angel before 2.jpg
Angel after.jpg

Angel was found abandoned in a field and starving with 10 puppies.  She and her puppies were taken into St. Francis shelter.  

Angel was adopted in Holland through "Stichting Le Wolf".  2 of her puppies are being adopted to the US and the rest are looking for homes.


One of Angle's puppies (see above) just arrived in Ohio.   Angle and her 10 puppies were dumped in a filed.  Echo is one of the 10 puppies that has been adopted and is now living her best life with Ada in Ohio. 

Angel before 2.jpg
ECHO after.jpg
Piper Before.jpg
Piper After.jpg
Piper After 1.jpg

Piper had a horrific start of her life (only a few months old) found by the side of the road by a good Samaritan that brought her to us.  Her left side had been hit by a car and her back leg & front paw had to be amputated.  She was in total shock with no life in her eyes.  Our veterinary staff at the Center of Hope nursed her back to health.

She is now living her best life in Seattle WA, adopted by Ingrid, one of our Board Members and supporters.


Just over six months ago, you were found on the street by one of the volunteers at the Center of Hope. She saw you wandering along a busy road, but you were too scared and ran. After an intense 6 months of medical care and social training, Sprit came back to life and is the dog he was always supposed to be.

Thank you to Stichting Le Woef for finding Spirit his forever home and family in Holland.

Spirit 1.jpg
Spirit 2.jpg
Mustache Before.jpg
Mustache Before 2.jpg
Mustache After.jpg

A Good Samaritan brought Mustache to the Center of Hope having found her in agony with 2 severely broken hind legs.  She had intensive surgery with external fixators to allow the bones to heal.  After months of recovery at Center of Hope, she boarded the Stichting Le Woef happy bus to Holland where she’s living a wonderful life!


Poor Teardrop was brought to Center of Hope in a terrible state.  

Yet a puppy, he had contracted heartworms and a severe case of mange with an accompanying skin infection, anemic and starved.

Our amazing partner Stichting Le Woef found Teardrop the perfect home in Holland!

Teardrop before.jpg
Teardrop after.jpg
Teardrop after2.jpg
Martha Before.jpg
Martha After.jpg
Martha Before1.jpg

Dr.Aurelian Stefan was asked to help a starving dog with severe mange that was abandoned in a yard. When she arrived at Center of Hope she had 8 puppies with her.  We named her Martha. 

Martha hopped on the Stichting Le Woef happy bus and has a lovely new home in Holland.  And next up the puppies will also find homes.  We’re so grateful to our partners!


Remembers this bald freezing little puppy found in a plastic bag on the side of the road in Romania.  

She was treated at Center of Hope and then adopted in the Netherlands by our wonderful partners Stichting Le Woef who found a fabulous home.

Flower Before.jpg
Flower After 2.jpg
Flower after.jpg
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