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     Board of Directors

Nancy Janes.jpg

Nancy Janes


Nancy Janes founded the charity following a hiking trip to Romania in 2001. Since then she mobilized hundreds of people to join her cause and save Romanian animals. Nancy oversees all aspects of the charity’s work and travels to Romania regularly to attend spay campaigns. She lives in CA, USA.

bonnie siddons for bio.jpg


Board Member

Bonnie first got involved with Romania Animal Rescue in 2007. Her involvement includes almost everything, from creating the first RAR logo to travelling to Romania to help out at spay/neuter campaigns. Bonnie lives in the US.

Gail barrett.jpg


Board Member

Gail has been a long time donor and supporter of Romania Animal Rescue prior to becoming a member of the Board.  She lives in Cobb, CA with her many rescued cats.

Michele Snyder2.jpg


Board Member

Michele supported Romania Animal Rescue since its founding in 2003 and traveled to Romania on several occasions and witnessed the problem of stray dog population first hand. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

Yveline Pelletier.jpg


Board Member

Yveline hiked with Nancy in Romania in 2001 and helped to set up RAR with Nancy in 2003. She is also a volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind and lives in Santa Rosa, CA.

Rory Janes.jpg

Rory Janes


Rory is treasurer and the co-founder of Romania Animal Rescue / Animal Spay Neuter International. Rory volunteers for many activities, from spay and neuter campaigns in Romania to charity expos and roadshows in the US. Along his wife - Nancy - he is the backbone of the charity and father to 13 animals, most of whom have been rescued from Romania.

charlotte Crucean bio.jpg


Board Member

Charlotte joined RAR in 2008, bringing a wealth of knowledge from her day job as President of the Palo Alto Humane Society. Charlotte also set up a successful mobile Neuter Scooter Program in San Diego, CA, which inspired RAR’s Hope Mobile Clinic. Charlotte lives in Del Mar, CA.



Board Member

Ingrid joined Romania Animal Rescue in 2015 and has been involved in many projects from fundraising to website design and editorial work. She lives in Seattle, WA with her three dogs, one of whom she rescued in Romania.

renee snyder photo for bio.jpg


Board Member

Renee dedicated the last 30 years of her life to protecting, rescuing and advocating for animals. She joined RAR after her first trip to Romania. Renee is an Instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and lives in Oakland, US.

June Luzarraga.jpg


Board Member

June is one of RAR’s founding Board members, having joined back in 2003. She is an elementary school teacher in Santa Fe, US and lives with her two rescued cats. 

chrissy phillips.jpg


Board Member

Chrissy has been working with RAR on projects since 2011 in Romania, and is a founding Trustee of ASNI, UK. She is a long time Romanian and international rescuer and supporter.

mandy for volunteer page.jpg


Board Member

Mandy has been helping RAR since 2009.  She does the receipts and preliminary accounting for the UK charity Animal Spay and Neuter International.  Mandy also represents ASNI/RAR at public events in London along with our UK Trustees.  In addition to this, Mandy promotes RAR/ASNI on social media.

Suzy Alexander 4.jpg


Board Member

Suzy is one of the first to join the Romania Animal rescue board. She visited Romania on many ocassions and fell in love with the country and its animals - some of who became her adopted pets.

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