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Romania Animal Rescue
DBA Animal Spay/Neuter INT'L

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7 years ago we started the most radical project for animals in need of medical care in Romania - It is called Center of Hope.  We began with 6 employees, and we now have 23.  Center of Hope is now treating 4000 animals per year and spaying/neutering 8000-10,000 animals a year.  This involves a lot of costs…. Oh, we have a lot of them and this is why we turn to you for support. Every cent makes a difference and a project like this is worth your donation! We ask you to be a part of this project even if once with $5 a month or as you can. Thank you very much!  All animals, stray or not, abandoned or well looked after, pure breed or mixed, all are welcome at the Center of Hope.   Our focus is on those that are homeless and most needy.   The center welcomes difficult cases from other regional charities and will provide the best veterinary care, from routine check-ups and small surgery to emergency procedures and recovery physical therapy.  The Center of Hope also hosts veterinary training camps where vets from all over the world come to learn highly skilled procedures.

Our History

The center opened its doors in Spring of 2017 to provide free or subsidized veterinary care to stray animals and impoverished families in Romania as funding allows.

In Oct of 2022 we opened an extension offering a new castration center and a training center, in addition to the already existing facilities which include sterile surgery rooms, spay room, digital x-ray, intensive care unit, ultrasound room, isolation wards and much more.

The entire hospital including the addition are all built with “green technology" (solar panels, electric car charging, etc.) which means that more funds go to help the animals instead of paying high utility costs.


Current Needs

We need your continued support to have the ability to provide veterinary care and spay/neuter for all animals in need. 

All donations go towards us helping provide subsidized or free vet care to all the animals that come through our doors. 

We strive not to turn anyone away, but in order to do that, we need your continued financial support.  

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