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All animals, stray or not, abandoned or well looked after, pure breed or mixed, all deserve the best veterinary care they can get. The Center of Hope does not differentiate between animals and their owners, whether they can pay for our services or not, while remaining focused on helping the homeless. The center welcomes difficult cases from other regional charities and will provide the best veterinary care, from routine check-ups and small surgery to emergency procedures and recovery physical therapy.


Take a tour of our center and check out 

the awesome facilities with best in class

veterinary care for all animals in need. 

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The center opened its doors in Spring of 2017 to animals in need! It is the first purpose-built veterinary hospital that aims to provide free or subsidized veterinary care to stray animals and impoverished families in Romania as funding allows. Some of the key facilities include sterile surgery room, spay room, digital x-ray, intensive care unit, ultrasound room, isolation wards and much more. In addition, COH has a conference area where seminar and education events are held as well as lodging for vets and vet techs attending the Veterinary Training Camp.


We need your continued support to have the ability to provide veterinary care and spay/neuter for all animals in need.  All donations go towards us helping provide subsidized or free vet care to all the animals that come thru our doors.  We strive not to turn anyone away, but in order to do that, we need your financial support.  

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We need to expand our center to support the needs of the spay/neuter and Homeless Animals Hospital programs.  In order to do this, we are building an extension on our Center. The goal is to provide 1000+ spays/neuters a month thus saving thousands of unwanted dogs and cats from ever being born to suffer.
The extension will also allow us to provide more treatments for injured and ill animals.
We need your support so we are having a "Buy a (virtual) Brick" campaign to raise funds. Each brick is $20 or 20 Euro. Buy bricks in honor of your pets and help the animals in Romania!  Currently we need 2300 more "bricks".