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Education is key to ensuring the sustainability of our work. Only by educating children about the importance of animal welfare, can we ensure our work has a long-lasting impact. Although Romanian children grow up seeing and interacting with animals every day, they rarely receive any advice or education about how to protect and look after them. RAR works with local rescuers and educators to change the way Romanian people treat animals, to set a better example for future generations.


Our Craiova Clinic and Center of Hope in Bucharest are our current two clinics.  We partnered with local teachers to host a "Career Day" at the clinics, to teach school children about being a vet, offer them hands-on experience and teaching them how to best care for animals. This inspires many children to look after the stray animals in their neighborhood, to ask for help if they see an injured animal and even to become a veterinarian one day.


Every spayathon is an event at the heart of the community. RAR vets use this opportunity to talk to community members about compassion towards animals and animal welfare, and to distribute educational booklets. The booklets contain 19 full-color pages with interactive games and photos which focus on animal care and the importance of spay/neuter. The education booklets go everywhere the RAR mobile clinic goes and have reached children as far as Buhusi, Cernovada, Sighetu Marmatiei and Tecuci.


Animal welfare conferences, such as the Human Society of the US Expo and the Christmas Fayre in London, offer Romania Animal Rescue a great opportunity to tell animal lovers worldwide about the need for better animal care in Romania and other countries we work in. RAR/ASNI volunteers and board members attend these event regularly to create long-lasting partnerships with new supporters and to fundraise for plan new vet training and spay/neuter projects.

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