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Romania and Bulgaria are two of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. Veterinary services are virtually non-existent in rural areas and properly trained specialists are hard to come by. As a consequence, many pet owners never spay/neuter their cats and dogs, preferring to discard the unwanted litters on the streets thus contributing to an ever-increasing stray population.


We are Georgiana Pop and Oana Badelita and we are the beneficiaries of the scholarship at the Center of Hope, Piteasca, Romania for March 2021. First of all, we are very grateful to all the parties involved who made this scholarship possible for us. We are currently working in Cluj-Napoca which is the second largest city in the country and have always wanted to learn surgery but unfortunately, haven’t had the chance. At our current practice there is a lot of work with social cases and much help needed for spaying and neutering.

The experience: was literally life changing. Our skills improved and our confidence sky-rocketed.

The staff: was very professional and helpful. From the very first day they showed and explained everything from pre surgery work until postop management. They were with us every step of the way. Our techniques evolved very quickly day by day and when the day came to leave for home, we felt ready to perform surgery at our practice.

The accommodation:  It felt like home. The center is cozy, clean, greatly equipped with everything you would need to feel welcomed. We also got to get involved with different cases in the clinic as volunteers. The clinic is modern and also well-equipped.

What we’ve learnt: it’s more than just surgery. The skills it involves, the patience, the knowledge, the purpose. Our admiration grew for the team and their projects. We couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and look for the spay shuttle.

It is because of this training  that we felt really confident in what we had to do and performed surgery on our own after the first day we returned home. We know we can reach for help whenever we need and we believe that this unique experience provided not only good knowledge and modern techniques but also helped us develop great abilities.

We are so grateful for this opportunity, for you, for dr. Aurelian and his team.


Thank you once again,


Georgiana Pop and Oana Badelita, DVM


It costs $1,500 to help a local veterinarian develop specialist skills in areas such as re-operative assessment, animal handling, surgical techniques, anesthesia and sutures. The more money we raise, the more vets we can train so please donate and help spread the knowledge today!

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Romania Animal Rescue facilitates veterinary education by sponsoring veterinary training programs where specialist knowledge and expertise is shared to help develop the skills of local vets. Increasing the numbers of skilled local vets who can deliver recurrent small-scale spay/neuter campaigns for their communities ensures the sustainability of our spay/neuter programs. To date, over 25 veterinarians in Romania and Bulgaria have participated in RAR's educational programs.


Romania Animal Rescue provides financial help for Romanian and Bulgarian vets to take part in the Veterinary Training Camp, an education project set up by RAR vets Dr. Aurelian Stefan DVM, Dr. Petrisor Stefan DVM and Dr. Ruth Osborne RVN, DipCABT. As part of the training camp, local veterinarians learn modern spay/neuter procedures, including flank spay and keyhole surgery. 

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