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All our love and dedication is not enough to save the cats and dogs we come across every day, so we rely on the help of ours supporters.  From monthly giving to online shopping, we made it really easy for you to get involved with our work. Choose one of the options below.



Dollar Bill in Jar

Our work depends on your donations. It costs only $25 to surgically sterilize a cat or dog. Please give generously.

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We value your time and skills. Please consider becoming an RAR volunteer or start a fundraising event.

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The easiest way to give when you shop online. Shop our Wish list at

Cute Happy Dog

We work with trusted local rescue shelters to place homeless animals with loving adoptive families.


We need your continued support to have the ability to provide veterinary care and spay/neuter for all animals in need.  All donations go towards us helping provide subsidized or free vet care to all the animals that come thru our doors.  We strive not to turn anyone away, but in order to do that, we need your financial support.  Click here to help support our CENTER OF HOPE 

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Your donations support our four key areas of focus: providing free spay/neutering, providing subsidized animal care, offering hands on vet training, and providing animal welfare education to schools. 

Surgery Tools

Surgically sterilized over 119,668 cats and dogs across Romania and 2,700 worldwide.

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Built the Center of Hope, the first multi-functional vet center in Romania, equipped at international standards.

Trained 22 Romanian and Bulgarian veterinarians and organized training seminars worldwide.

Education Books Bookshelfs

Distributed over 18,000 education booklets to schools and communities in Romania.

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