Romania Animal Rescue focuses on establishing and promoting animal welfare in the country of Romania. Our four main programs are: Spay/Neuter, Animal Care, Veterinary Training, Education.

Our Programs

Operating Room, Romania


Preventing in-home and community-cared pets from producing litters will stop the stray overpopulation problem at its source.
Caring for animals

Animal Care

GlobalGiving recognized our Homeless Animal Hospital program as their Project of the Month for March, 2015.
Modern veterinary procedures

Veterinary Training

Our vets train safe, high-volume spay/neuter procedures and modern veterinary techniques to local and international veterinarians.
Educating local schoolchildren in taking care of their pets


We provide outreach to local schoolchildren so the next generation of animal lovers can take great care of their pets.

August 2015

HOPE is reaching the towns and villages of Romania. We are gearing up for training veterinarians in Bulgaria. Homeless Animal Hospital saves the day (again).

Sky's Leg


Sky was brought in to be spayed by Romania Animal Rescue in Moreni and discovered she had a broken hind leg. We needed to find out if we could save it.



Kindest Cut

Kindest CutKindest Cut

Craiova Spayathon 2014

Craiova Spayathon 2014Craiova Spayathon 2014

What People Say About Us

Mihaela Mihăilă

This is the first solid initiative I finally see in Romania. Thank GOD for it. Their procedures are amazing. We have had Dr. Petrisor over for a spay & neuter day of several pets. Basically no scar left, no need to bandage the animal like they do when they open them up in a much more dramatic way, and the pet is up and about in a very short time.

Mihaela Edge

Romania Animal Rescue is an incredible charity that has saved, spayed and neutered numerous abandoned and abused animals in Romania. Nancy Janes, the founder is a generous and selfless individual who has dedicated her efforts to help and educate the Romanians on how to safely diminish the stray population in Eastern Europe.

Mada Spataru, Jilava, Romania

Dear Nancy and RAR donors,
On behalf of myself and the volunteers at Jilava shelter, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream possible - a shelter with no more pups to die from shelter diseases, lack of proper attention and violence not even we can prevent. Please know your hard earned money really did make a difference, reaffirming our commitment to provide a safe corner for the 70 forgotten souls that reside in our shelter. Not having to constantly worry about unwanted births and mating fights, we are now able to focus on riding the shelter of skin diseases like mange and identifying sources of constant food four our dogs, all of the above being part of a larger project that aims to spay the majority of dogs in and around Jilava, in an effort to limit the stray population and increase their quality of life.
Once again, words can't express our gratitude. We hope our results will. Thank you for allowing us to become a part of the RAR family.