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Scotty at the spayathon with ticks in hi

Scotty Before

During the 2011 Craiova spayathon, a pup was brought in by a city shelter worker for spaying. This sad puppy was full of ticks and terrified of being handled in any way. He was groomed while under anesthesia, and upon waking up he hid behind the volunteers who were helping at this spay campaign. It was decided then and there by our friend Mihaela that this little guy would not go back to the city shelter but would be her new dog to take back to Tecuci. The shelter worker was quite relieved to know he did not have to handle this "mean red and white puppy" once again and was happy to be rid of him. We named the puppy Scotty. Scotty would cry and nip at anyone who tried to touch him....Heaven only knows the trama he had gone through during his young life. He was approximately 4 months old. Mihaela, Nancy and Bonnie worked continually to try to engage Scotty in human contact. They fed him and touched him with gloved hands, took him out for walks in the grassy fields, and by day 3 Scotty was wagging his tail and running leash free behind the volunteers!

Scotty Now

Mihaela took him to her aunt's home in Tecuci where she lived, but her aunt could not house another animal. So a home needed to be found for Scotty.
Nancy reached out to her friends and thank goodness Katalin in Florida said she would like to adopt Scotty! Scotty moved to Florida in late 2011, and has been there happily ever after since, now named Riley. Nancy, Rory and Anna Marie were fortunate to meet Scotty aka Riley once again in 2015 in Florida. What a warm and wonderful household he has!

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