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Roxies when Found


I was a 2-month old puppy...all alone in this world, walking the streets of a poor small village, Baia de Fier, in the Gorj County of Romania. This red looking van with RAR written on the side was passing by as I was crossing the street. The van stopped and these two girls ran out of the van after me. What did they want? I was so little and scared, I just ran and tried to hide. The girls caught me and put me in a warm jacket. My life changed that day.... Dr. Aurelian was giving a tour of the country side to some of the Romania Animal Rescue volunteers that came to Craiova, Romania, to support a large Spayathon, Oct 2015. Lelia Leandra (RAR Program Coordinator) and Ingrid Zohar (RAR Board Member) were the two that went after Roxie and got her. She was skin and bones and her coat was all matted. Roxie was treated by Dr. Aurelian at the Homeless Animal Hospital and was given flea meds, dewormed and her first vaccines. Ingrid snuck her into her hotel that night, which was probably the first night good sleep Roxie ever got.

Roxie Now

Ingrid decided to adopt Roxie the next day. Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Pepe took care of Roxie, spayed her, gave her all the needed vaccines, etc., until she was ready to leave Romania on Dec 19 2015 on her way to her forever home with Ingrid. Roxie now lives with Ingrid in Seattle, WA.

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