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Anna Marie when Found

Anna Marie was only a puppy when Nancy Janes found her in Romania in 2006.   The circumstances of her broken back are not known, but she was probably hit by a car or bus on the streets of Galati, Romania.  Seeing this poor mangled sweet angel, there was no other option but to pick her up and take her to the hotel.  Nancy had never had a paralyzed animal before and was extremely worried about the fate of her little rescue.  She arranged to bring Anna Marie (named for the travel agent Ana Maria in Romania who helped Nancy) back to the USA for assessment at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.    UCD vets advised Rory and Nancy Janes that Anna's spine was severed as well as the nerves and to either get her a cart or have her humanely euthanized.   So a cart was ordered, and Anna Marie took to it immediately!   

Anne Marie Now

She is most likely the first handicapped "wheely" dog to be adopted from Romania.   She's gone through 4-wheel carts and loves to hike, loves the city, and loves the country.   She is genuinely the Janes family's best friend!   Anna Marie now lives happily ever after in the Janes household.   

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