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We are on a mission to improve the welfare of all dogs and cats and help reduce the overpopulation of stray animals.   There is no one solution to this complex problem.  Our multi-faceted approach stems from our belief that we can achieve better and more sustainable results by combining prevention and treatment with education and training.

Surgery Tools

Surgically sterilized over 127,428 cats and dogs across Romania and 2,700 worldwide.

Veterinary Services

Built the Center of Hope, the first multi-functional vet center in Romania, equipped at international standards.

Trained over 25 Romanian and Bulgarian veterinarians and organized training seminars worldwide.

Education Books Bookshelfs

Distributed over 20,000 education booklets to schools and communities in Romania.




Most of our work takes place in Romania.

The ex-communist country is one of the poorest in Eastern Europe.

An acute lack of veterinary services and wide spread poverty coupled with corrupt and inefficient animal control management make Romania home to a population topping an estimated 2 million strays.  

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Partnering with Ilfov County Animal Control

Ilvof County Collab Spayathon 1.jpeg

We have partnered with the Animal Control Department of Ilfov County since Sep 2022, a first-of-its-kind collaboration.   Ilfov County surrounds Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and consists of 8 towns and 32 communes.  We now have a greater reach to the communities surrounding Bucharest.  We provide spaying, neutering, and veterinary care via Pet Patrol, reaching more villages and remote areas.   Together, we are working to reach Ilfov County's top goal of sterilizing every dog and cat in the county.   

Ilvof County Collab Spayathon  2.jpeg
Ilvof County Collab Spayathon  3.jpeg
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