There are many ways in which you can support our work. Some animal lovers give money while others give their time, skills and expertise. We need your support mostly for either fundraising or helping out at a spayathon. Choose the one that's right for you from the options below.

Volunteer at a Spayathon
 Romania Animal Rescue _ Animal Spay Neuter International_Spay and Neuter_Volunteer at Spayathon
RAR volunteer cleaning the animal cages after transport

Volunteers are the heart of our charity. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with the following skills:  vets, vet techs, web development, administration, fundraising, social media, event organizing and animal care.  We’d love to hear form you if you have relevant skills, love animals and live in Europe or the US. If you want to help Romania Animal Rescue, please contact us today and we'll discuss how you can become part of the team.   For Vets and/or Vet Tech applicants, please email your resume directly to

Photo of a fashion fundraising event organized for RAR
Oana, one of our volunteers, organized a clothes sales fundraising event last summer.

Fundraising is your way to motivate friends, family and colleagues to support you do something fun for a great cause: from running a marathon to a bake sale in the workplace, and from hosting a dinner party to a garage sale.  Every event you organize can help raise money to prevent unwanted kitties and puppies from being born into a cruel, unsafe world.  You can also dedicate your birthday and ask for donations in lieu of birthday gifts.

Please contact us to disucss your ideas about fundraising and what to fundraise for.