Celebrating our Educational Program

December 4th we celebrated RAR's Educational Program.

Every spay campaign is an opportunity to talk to people about how to keep their pets healthy and ...happy. We also find that people talk to each other and share stories about pets we operated previously and how great they are doing now. Word quickly spreads in towns where we can return regularly. Simple communication costs nothing and saves lives. The other side to the educational campaign is talking to young people as these are the responsible pet owners of the future.

GlobalGiving "Project of the Month"

RAR's Homeless Animal Hospital was named in GlobalGiving's March's Project of the Month

GlobalGiving sent an in-the-field representative, Kelly Zug, to Craiova, Romania to report on the Family Vet Clinic. She visited our clinic on two separate occasions. The vets showed her what they did during the spayathons, marathon spay/neuter events where 50-100 dogs and cats could be sterilized in a day. She recognized the value we bring to the Craiova communities by offering a viable solution to reducing the overpopulation of stray animals.